20 - 21 August, 2018 | Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Cathy Oxley

Head of Library Services
Brisbane Grammar School

11:40 AM Designing Future Library Spaces to Maximise Future Usage

The function of libraries has changed drastically over a very short amount of time, and this trend looks to continue into the future. This raises the question of how we should design spaces within the libraries of the future when usage trends are constantly changing. This session will examine trends in contemporary library design, examining how space is used differently now than it has been historically. It will examine the social influences which are informing the design of libraries, as well as forecasting the effects of potential future trends. This futuristic presentation will paint a picture of the libraries of the future, imagining how they might look, feel and function.

  • Predicting future trends to inform immediate decisions
  • Imagining what libraries can be in order to facilitate short term innovation
  • Looking forward to remain agile in your library‚Äôs operation

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