20 - 21 August, 2018 | Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

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Engaging Students, Staff and the Community to Develop a Fit-for-Purpose Next Generation Library

Ahead of the Next Generation Libraries Summit 2018 we chat to Matthew O’Brien, Deputy Head of School and Jan Pocock, Teacher Librarian at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School. In this article Matthew and Jan explore how they engaged students, staff and the broa ...

Much more than Books: Reimagining the Library to Provide a 21st Century User Experience.

In this article for Next Generation Libraries 2018, Daniel Flood, Creative Manager with The Edge at the State Library of Queensland discusses:The processes towards investing in a next generation libraryHow to know which new technologies to acquireHow next genera ...

Evolving the Library: Creating Modern Community Hubs

Ahead of the Next Generation Libraries Summit 2018 we take a look at how three State Libraries from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are transforming and evolving their service offerings in an effort to become 21st Century community hubs. ...

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Library Service Evolution: Technology, Community & Collaboration

Ahead of the inaugural Next Generation Libraries Summit 2017 we chat with Ben Kolaitis, Emerging Technologies Team Leader at Melbourne Library Services and Justine Hanna, Learning Library Team Leader at Kathleen Syme Library and Melbourne Library Services.Ben and Justine share details of Melbourne’s library evolution, which includes a host of...

eBooks, Not Tree Books: Upgrading and Diversifying Library Spaces & Service

Ahead of the inaugural Next Generation Libraries Summit 2017 we chat to Diana Hodge, Manager of Academic Library Services at UniSA. In this article Diana explores the impact of the university’s Digital Learning Strategy on library services, and delves into the recent library transformation that has seen a massive 50%...

Creating Community-Centric Library Services

For centuries libraries have been the keystones of their communities – with people congregating to read, learn, discover and elevate themselves through knowledge. As libraries have grown in number and collections have grown in size, this traditional role has become diluted, with libraries becoming places for transactions – the simple...

A State by State Look at 21st Century Library Transformations

Ahead of Next Generation Libraries 2017 we look at the strategies employed by library service providers across the country in an effort to foster innovation, improve quality of life and better cater to their local communities and every day users. 

Achieving Genuine Buy-in to Transformational Change – A Case Study

In this presentation from Next Generation Libraries 2017 Carmel O’Sullivan, Director Library Services at the University of Southern Queensland explores:Strategies to educate and inform staffStrategies to gain buy-in and generate excitement about transformational changeStrategies to deal with change fatigue

Effectively Redesigning Library Spaces and Student Support Model with the Aim of Future Proofing Learner Environments at The University of Sydney

In this presentation from Next Generation Libraries 2017 Coral Black, Director, Site Services University Library at the University Of Sydney explores: The redevelopment of library space and staff structuresIntegrating space, technology and staff to deliver a new model of support beyond the traditional classes and workshopsLessons learnt, evaluation from the...

Embedding Innovative Technology, Spaces and Communities of Practise at The Edge for Engaging 21st Century Users

In this presentation from Next Generation Libraries 2017 Daniel Flood, Creative Manager at The Edge - State Library of Queensland explores:Emerging practises for next generations libraries and librariansImportance of collaboration, equity of access for libraries , empower others to proactively enable sharingWhat next and how do we empower staff, stakeholders...

Redesigning and Refurbishing Library Spaces at the University of South Australia in Order to accommodate eBooks and Virtual Enquiry Services

In this presentation from Next Generation Libraries 2017 Dr Diana Hodge, Lecturer, Library and Information Management at the University of South Australia explores:Reducing the collection footprint in order to redesign services and repurpose spaceLibrary Master Planning process to transform our Libraries into vibrant, engaging teaching and learning spaces.Sharing library space...

Everyone’s a Maker – Creating Library Spaces That Inspire Action Learning, Creativity and Collaboration

In this presentation from Next Generation Libraries 2017 Margie Jantti, Director Library Services at the University of Wollongong, explores:The UOW MakerSpace is the result of a true collaboration between students and staffThis pilot will foster iterative understandingand subsequent development of services and experiences that underpin multidisciplinary collaboration

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