20 - 21 August, 2018 | Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Sarah Bromfield

Head Librarian
Tasmanian Department of State Growth

2:30 PM Understanding the ‘Decentralised Library’ to Envisage Future Models of Librarianship

Whilst for the time being the traditional, physical library remains paramount, there is a growing sect of libraries which differ from the norm not only in the services they offer but their physical and organisational structure. One of these alternate models is the decentralised library, which consists of a library which is not hosted in a single physical space, or in some cases a physical space at all. Sarah Bromfield of the Tasmanian Department of State growth will discuss her experience running two State Department libraries, as well as the ups and downs of moving from a traditionally library to an open plan office with no designated library space.

  • Investigate alternate structures of library organisation
  • Weigh-up the benefits and burdens of various library systems
  • Reflecting upon the strength of traditional library structures and systems

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